About the East Coast Pro Showcase...

This event was created and designed in 1995 to evaluate and educate prospective players and parents in order to attain their goal of an opportunity to play professional baseball.  The ultimate purpose of this showcase is to provide a venue for the premier youth baseball players across the Eastern United States to compete in a professional environment and allow evaluation opportunities for scouts from every Major League Baseball organization.

The East Coast Pro Showcase is a non-profit event run by MLB Scouts. Proceeds from the event are placed in a fund to aid MLB Scouts, both active and retired, in need of financial assistance due to unfortunate circumstances.  ECPS also assists scouting associations on the East Coast. 

Annually, between 80 and 110 players from the event are selected in the MLB Rule 4 Draft. 

We hope these games and seminars will allow professional scouts and all MLB personnel to assist the players from this event to fully understand what professional baseball can offer at it's highest level.

We appreciate your attendance!