East Coast  Professional Showcase's objective is for Major League Baseball Scouts to form six (6) teams with the most talented high school underclassmen from their prospective regions on the East Coast.  The East Coast Showcase is unique in the fact that the event is run by, and the players  selected by, Professional Baseball Scouts.  The basis of the Showcase is to assemble these elite players on one field that presents a true professional environment.  It is a truly great opportunity for both the players and the representatives of all thirty (30) Major League Baseball teams to enjoy an event that brings together the most talented players east of the Mississippi River. 

The professional environment encompasses: a Major League Spring Training Facility, the use of a professional clubhouse, batting cages, and most importantly the use of wood bats.  The use of wood bats is an integral aspect in the identification and evaluation process of these young players.  In the Spring season professional scouts are rarely presented with the opportunity to evaluate players while using wood bats.  Therefore, this Showcase provides a rare opportunity for the premier amateur players to be evaluated using the equipment that the professional player uses on a daily basis.

The selection process is the most vital phase leading up to the commencement of play, and ultimately to the success of the East Coast Showcase.  The players are chosen exclusively by the recommendation of Major League Baseball Scouts.  In some cases, teams will invite players to a tryout session.  The tryout session will allow the scouts, and eventual coaches, to further assess the players' skill level to help them come to a final decision.  In unique situations, teams will bypass a tryout and base the roster solely on the verbal recommendations of several Major League Scouts.  The final decision as to who makes the team is decided exclusively by the Professional Scouts.  Professional Scouts put a lot of time and thought into the selection process.  The success of the event is strictly related to the talent of the players on each team.